Saturday, 2 July 2011

False Accusations

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a week nearly. But a lot has happened.

Pedro appeared on the news about still being missing so a huge manhunt is going on. Police came round to my house to ARREST me due to people telling them about his crackpot 'stalking' theory, I've spent three days in a cell as they questioned me about the allegations. Due to lack of evidence they let me go. 

Got back home to be banned from my laptop as 'punishment'. It was only when I talked to my mum properly and explained what has happened she let me have it back, though she doesn't believe the whole "Tall guy" stuff. I doubt it all to, I haven't seen him since the last time and everything seems dead quiet now. As for the camera I am still unable to find the cables to charge it, neither of my parents know where it is and both have different ideas on its location. 

The rabbit seems to be getting really bad again. It bit me 3 times yesterday when I went to pet it. 

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Lazyness is never a virtue.

Sorry for my lack of posting. I have been literally sleeping all the time.

It's odd, I seem to have tons of nightmares involving some...really creepy shit, all of them involving me running and then being killed by an unseen being. It always shits me up so bad.

I have yet to get the camera charger but I will do today (going to convince my dad to get the fans, it's beginning to reach 80 degrees).
Currently watching Saw 3D. Gotta love those overly gory films <3

Friday, 24 June 2011


I got some good news!

I was telling my mum about my blog. Saying it was to talk about our rabbit and I wanted to film it for a video diary. She has one! It's really new but she's never used it so is gunna give me it! LOVELY!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Boring few days.

I have very little to post here on whats happened since my dream. The rabbit is fine and same with my laptop. I've probably just been getting myself worked up as per. Decided from now on to not think on that thing. I destroyed the pictures I got from Pedro's home. Although I have yet to find my phone so I'm sorry for that. The pictures were of that man really. Multiple arms and shit. Scary but probably the product of a fucked up mind.

Sunday, 19 June 2011


I'm kinda freaked out...

Now, in reality I don't dream much. I might have about 7 dreams PER YEAR. So I usually daydream a lot (I love to think it's my body making up for it).
As I was sat in my bed talking to someone I began day dreaming about going for a midnight snack.

When I see that...thing in my backyard.
It's creepy.. I didn't feel anything but slight fear and anxiousness. Next minute I'm outside with the thing, walking toward it as it opened up it's arms and took me away.

I must stop eating cheese salads...

Saturday, 18 June 2011


I got a phone call this morning around 7am from my friend who'll be nicknamed JFK on here. He basically said
"I've tried to call Pedro's house and his Dad answered, wouldn't say where he is. You live close to him, can you make sure he is alright?" Begrudingly I accepted.

I got dressed/washed etc. and at 9am I got to Pedro's house. Being it was my first time to it, it was a nice place. I knocked on the door to be greeted by his distraught father, who flung the door open and quickly slammed it in my face when I explained who I was. I knocked again and got a torrent of abuse.
Odd to say the least, Pedro's (I'm guessing..) mother looked very upset, as I walked off his drive his mother ran out, asking if I knew anything and I shook my head, saying I only remember him going on about a 'stalker' who I'd seen once or twice. Quickly his mother whisked me off their house.
I sat explaining over and over this 'stalker', telling them it was probably just a drunk and Pedro getting paranoid. As I did so they looked at each other and explained how Pedro had seen this 'man' in his bedroom, around the house, in college. EVERYWHERE. His mum said she had seen this 'man' once or twice, but never remembered what had happened after. They had been 'followed' by him since they moved to England and were worried it's never going to stop, even when they went to Cairo.

His mother burst into tears at this moment and Pedro's father motioned me out the room. I sat outside in their hall thinking about what they had said. This 'man' or rather 'thing' as they refered to it had chased him all the way round the world? They seemed convinced it's what took Pedro. As they sat in the living room I decided to do a little snooping. Looking around I found Pedro's bedroom. It was a tip, everything strewn around it looked like a huge fight had gone on. Pictures were blu-tacced to the walls, mostly of a man in a suit with no face, an odd symbol and scrawls of things like "HE SEES ME" or "HE WILL COME FOR ME". I stole a couple of the drawings before his enraged father found me, grabbing my collar he threw me out onto the street, cursing loudly and saying "DON'T YOU FUCKING DARE COME BACK!" and slamming the door. 

So... That man..thing? I'll upload the pictures when I find my phone again, I'm sure I left it on my TV but it's gone missing.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Makin' Charlie Sheen look like a Hobo.

Last few days have taken a turn for the better.

I've been getting closer to my friends ever since I left college, I've been able to sleep ok and I feel alot happier. Turns out College must've been dragging my mood down. I got a call thursday morning from an Exhausted ex-classmate from college who I'll nickname 'The Dode' and will explain later. He was looking for the class and thought I'd be in. When he got there he commented on "Pedro not being there again." I laughed and said he's probably busy trying to be an utter prick or masturbating to his Xbox. 
But then again... I got the texts only a few days ago and noones heard from Pedro or spoken to him and apperently he's not been on Xbox Live since these times either. Oh well~
I spotted that man Pedro was going on about, same place as before, on the street corner. I went downstairs to go confront him to find out if he was stalking Pedro but when I got outside he had gone, I had a small walk around and couldn't see him anywhere, not even the underpass near Pedro's place. Probably walked into the pub nearby or something.